I don’t care what’s next for Donald Trump. I don’t want to think about him at all

Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter in 2013. Well, I think that’s when it happened. Trump was talking smack about Jon Stewart, who then encouraged his legions of followers to start tweeting about Trump with the hashtag “F*ckFaceVonClownstick.” I obliged. It was a throwaway tweet but sometimes people still find…

I know get-out-the-vote texts are annoying but I don’t care

Hi! I’m the person who has sent you a text from a political campaign. I’ve been joining text banks every week since September because I really, really, REALLY want a new president elected. Doing voter outreach is my way of being part of the solution.

I’ve noticed that as we…

If only hiring managers loved working mothers the way Senate Republicans love Judge Barrett and her kids

For two weeks now, I have heard Republicans talk about motherhood. Not motherhood in general. The very specific motherhood of Amy Coney Barrett. Her confirmation hearings were a pep rally for parenthood. …

If the ACA is struck down, pre-existing conditions will make getting insurance harder. And nearly everyone has a pre-existing condition.

Last week, Americans watched Donald Trump get bespoke medical treatment for covid-19. The president is entitled to personalized, world-class care at taxpayer expense and he took full advantage of the privilege. But millions of other covid survivors got a radically different kind of care — if they got care at…

Rebekah Kuschmider

Feminist + GenX. Politics, feminism, reading books, and parenting are what I do best.

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